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Yes! Just push the remote trigger forwards, and it will start braking. In fact, the brakes are regenerative, which mean that you will be recharging your battery overtime you break.

Off course! Learning to ride a Movpak is actually much easier than all these board sports. First, because it has a motor, with brakes, that prevents the Movpak from sliding when you get on.
Second and best, you can press your foot and calf against the rear part of the backpack. This will give you added support, stability and provide you more balance. You can use your calf to make turns, just leaning forwards and backwards.

We know how fun it is to ride, but we do not recommend this. Although it is very resistant and durable, the Movpak was designed to be a personal vehicle for transportation, not for extreme sports.
What is the maximum rider weight? We suggest 240 lbs. However, the range, speed and hill climbing may vary according to the riders weight.

The backpack is water repellent, and the motor is sealed. You can ride it in a light rain, and humid terrains, but never in heavy rain, with water on the pavement.

MOVPAK uses a regenerative braking system to help sustain the batteries charge.

14 miles is a long range. Research indicates that most of commuters are averaging about 3 miles everyday ing to work or school and back, so we thought that 14 miles would be more than enough. Besides, you can always charge it in any regular outlet in just 2 hours. So, that is why we didn't design this Movpak model for using it as a regular skateboard.

Absolutely! Movpak comes with a USB port so you can charge smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, just another cool feature we've recently added.



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